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Goji berry ,aslo called Wolfberry, Lycium barbarum L,and L. Chinense, is famous for it's vitaminrich nutrition. Goji berry contains rich Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin E , is a popular health food in the world.It is also one of Chinese drugs in China,it is good for eyesight and liver.Against fat liver and blurred vision are main applications of Goji berry.Chinese doctors are recommending that healthy people eat 8-20 goji berries daily, otherwise people feel very hot.They advise against eat goji berry as people have a fever,have a inflamation or have a diarrhea zu avoid the side effect of it.

As compare with goji berry,goji leaf contains much more amino acids,Ca,Fe,Zn Se and crude protein.Goji leaf is a potence food in all age in China.It can stimulate man's testicle to supply high sperm count, maintain man??s sexuality,prevent impotence and prospermia.The application of goji leaf as potence food is found at the earliest in a Chinese official recipe book in 978A.D.Today in China, goji leaf is also a popular dish in luxury restaurants.

The introduction of ningxia goji germchits in Qinling Mountains by us started 2009.They are growing well with our organic management.We can supply organic goji leaf tea to the international market now! Goji leaf tea is for weak sexuality not for impotence. According to traditional Chinese medical science following acts cause weak sexuality:

watching for a long time

lying on bed for a long time

a sitting for a long time

a standing for a long time

a walking for a long time

engorged diet

high dudgeon

a sitting on the wet place

uncomfortably weightlifting

excessive worry or thinking

in spite of the driving rain or cold and heat

intemperance of fears


The property of goji leaf is mild,so that you can drink goji leaf tea in four seasons

Preparation of goji leaf tea: take 1-1.5g goji leaf tea in a Cup, steep the tea with boiling water until the water rises just over the tea, then pour out the water from the cup at once(activation).Steep the tea with 150ml boiling water again and wait for about 5 minutes.Then drink the tea.

Attention:intemperate sex is harmful to health! Please remember it as you drink goji leaf tea. Cheese can weaken the action of goji leaf tea.Don??t drink goji leaf tea with it.

We will apply for an organic certificate for our goji leaf tea soon.We wish you all the best on bed after drinking our goji leaf tea!


General information of our organic goji leaf tea

Colour:dark green

Odour:natural aroma

neutral packing:80g/pack or 100g/pack

condition: new

Storage: Keep goji leaf tea in a dry, dark and cold place

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